Charlotte Greve is one of the best upcoming young german saxophonists
— Sueddeutsche Zeitung
Her music is an exciting and energetic process with subtle movement, stripped down to the bare essentials, down to an aesthetic of distinctive moods and intense emotion.
— Jazzthing Magazine

picture by: Paul Occhialini, Orange Photo

Charlotte Greve is a New York-based alto saxophonist and composer originally from Berlin. With a unique concept of tone and composition, she is making a mark on both the Brooklyn and German jazz scenes. Her band Lisbeth Quartett, has released three albums – Grow (Doublemoon Records, 2009),Constant Travellers (Traumton Records, 2011) and Framed Frequencies (Traumton Records, 2014). The second of these was awarded the Echo Jazz Prize in 2012.

In Brooklyn, Charlotte formed a new band named Wood River. They will release their Debut LP in February 2015.

Greve is a member of several bands in Germany, such as Malte Schillers Red Balloon, The Ed Partyka Jazzorchestra and the JazzBaltica-Ensemble. She has been granted several awards for her work, including the 2012 Echo Jazz, the 2010 JazzBaltica Festival Newcomer Award and the 2008 Prätorius-Musikpreis of Lower Saxony (the German state). She has also won classical and jazz competitions such as “Jugend Musiziert” and “Jugend Jazzt”.

Born in 1988, Greve began playing classical flute at the age of eight and picked up the saxophone at age the age of sixteen. She received her undergraduate degree at the Jazz Institute Berlin in 2012. The same year, she moved to New York City with the support of a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to pursue a graduate degree in the jazz program at New York University. Greve’s most important teachers and mentors throughout her artistic journey have been John Hollenbeck, Greg Cohen, Peter Weniger, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Billy Drewes and Mark Turner.

So far Charlotte has shared the stage with musicians such as Billy Drewes, Drew Gress, Dave Douglas, Donny Mc Caslin and Andrew D’Angelo.